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Morant Wright Fuji Yield Fund

Morant Wright Fuji Yield Fund

We seek to generate absolute returns by investing in undervalued Japanese companies that have strong balance sheets, sound business franchises and attractive dividend yields.

Fund size:

$227m (December 2017)

Fund type:

UCITs OEIC, authorised in Ireland

Fund share classes:

Accumulation and Income shares available in:

Japanese Yen

Sterling (Hedged/unhegded)

Euro (Hedged/unhedged)

US Dollar (Hedged/unhedged)

Swiss Franc (Hedged)

Accumulation shares available in Japanese Yen B

Launch date:

November 2014

Geographic exposure:

100% Japanese equities

Fund administrator:

Link Asset Services (Ireland)

Dealing frequency:


Deal cut-off point:

11:00am (Irish time)

Valuation point:

12:00pm (Irish time)

How to Deal:

To deal in shares of the Fund, please click here for the

application form or contact Link by telephone or in writing

Tel: +353 1 400 5300

Link Fund Administrators (Ireland) Limited
2nd Floor, 2 Grand Canal Square
Grand Canal Harbour
Dublin 2
Fax: +353 1 400 5350

Share types and fees:

1.0% Management Fee on shares below

Japanese Yen (Minimum investment ¥1,000,000)

Sterling (Minimum investment £5,000)

Euro (Minimum investment €5,000)

US Dollar (Minimum investment US$5,000)

Swiss Franc (Minimum investment CHF5,000)

Japanese Yen B (Accumulation shares only):

0.75% Management Fee + Performance Fee of 15% of outperformance of TOPIX Total Return Index

(Minimum investment ¥1,000,000)


Month (December 2017)

Year to date (December 2017)

Performance since inception

TOPIX Net TR since inception*

Inception Date

Yen (unhedged)





4 Nov 2014

Sterling (hedged)





4 Nov 2014

US Dollar (hedged)





28 Nov 2014

Euro (hedged)





7 April 2016

Yen B shares (unhedged)





12 Mar 2015

TOPIX Net Total Return



*Performance of TOPIX Net TR index since inception is shown in yen.

Performance given for accumulating shares; distributing shares are available in the same currencies.

All performance information is calculated by Morant Wright Management Limited using share price data provided by Link Asset Services (Ireland). Index data are taken from Bloomberg. Performance is based on the fund nav. Data is valid as of 31st October 2017 and was accurate at that date. Morant Wright Management has a statutory obligation to point out that the value of all investments and the income therefrom can go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the amount invested. This may be caused by exchange rate fluctuations. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The term ‘absolute return’ refers to the return that an asset may achieve over a certain period of time. In this context viewed as a period of upto 5 years. It differs from the term ‘relative return’ which refers to the return a fund or asset will achieve relative to an index or other benchmark. The term ‘absolute return’ does not imply any guarantee or certainty that any particular rate of return will be achieved or that investors will get back the amount invested.

Number of holdings

60 (November 2017)

Top Ten Holdings (December 2017)

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group


Tokio Marine Holdings


Sumitomo Mitsui Trust


Fuji Media Holdings


Sumitomo Electric Industries






Tokai Rika


MS&AD Insurance Group


Share ClassBloomberg CodeSEDOLISIN
Japanese Yen Accumulation UnhedgedMWFYJAU BQ5BN44 IE00BQ5BN447
Japanese Yen B Accumulation UnhedgedMWFJBUH BV0LL84IE00BV0LL840
Japanese Yen Distribution UnhedgedMWFYJDUBQT49H4 IE00BQT49H44
Euro Accumulation HedgedMWFYEAH BQ5BN33IE00BQ5BN330
Euro Distribution HedgedMWFYEDH BQT49G3IE00BQT49G37
Euro Accumulation UnhedgedBQT49G3IE00BQT49G32
Euro Distribution UnhedgedBD1LVV0IE00BD1LVV03
Sterling Accumulation HedgedMWFYGAHBQ5BN22IE00BQ5BN223
Sterling Distribution HedgedMWFYGDHBQT49F2IE00BQT49F20
Sterling Distribution UnhedgedBYWNV67IE00BYWNV678
Swiss Franc Accumulation HedgedBQ5BN66IE00BQ5BN660
Swiss Franc Distribution HedgedBQT49K7IE00BQT49K72
US Dollar Accumulation HedgedMWFYUAHBQ5BN55IE00BQ5BN553
US Dollar Distribution HedgedMWFYUDHBQT49J6IE00BQT49J67
US Dollar Distribution UnhedgedBD9BP985IE00BD9BP985